Dear fellow quilters, Knitters and crocheters,

We're sad to go...


Many of you know my personal story. Knit One Quilt Two has been my dream, my baby, for the ten years before we opened our doors in 2014. In the following years, I have made wonderful connections with fellow artisans from all over the area. Many of you have called my store a home away from home, a place of refuge, and a place to relax and enjoy. You cannot know how happy that has made me. Sharing in our talents and techniques has been my joy of the past 3 ½ years. We have laughed, smiled and even cried behind my door and I wouldn’t give those memories up for the world.

I believe we all understand that not all businesses are meant to go on for life. Sometimes, they don’t taste as much success as we expected them to and require to be closed down. With a heavy heart, I announce to all my customers that Knit One Quilt Two will have to be closed down by December 30, 2017.

The reasons are many; some personal, some business. With the downturn of the economy I have been struggling to manage the business. Sales have taken a hit and profit levels have decreased drastically.  The changes in my personal life have been dramatic, frustrating, and exhausting. In such a scenario, I cannot continue to operate the business.

Please be advised of the following policy and activity changes.

  • CLASSES & OPEN SEW/KNIT: Classes will be continued to be held as scheduled through October. All Open Sews/Knits have been cancelled. Studio hours will remain available during open hours through November.

  • PAYMENT METHOD: We would greatly appreciate cash or check payments; however, we will continue to accept all major credit cards until we close.

  • STORE HOURS: We will keep the same store hours until November 1st. We will no longer be open on Sunday except for scheduled classes or Monday. We will be open Tues, Wed, Thurs 10am – 5pm, Fri 10am – 6pm, Sat 10am-4pm.

  • ROUND ROBIN: This program has been cancelled. If you signed up you will receive a project box at no charge for your troubles. If you have paid, you will be issued a store credit of the cost.

  • CUT LOOSE CLUB: This program will end with the November pattern. All participants will receive a store credit of $3 for each of the months remaining on your program OR you may choose a pattern from the Cut Loose Pattern binder for each month remaining, OR a combo of the 2 options!

  • KNITTER’S CLUB:  This program will end with the November pattern. All participants will receive a store credit of $12 and copies of all of the remaining patterns.

  • 5th SATURDAY CLUB: Since we will no longer be open for the last 5th Saturday (December), we will honor the last 5th Saturday on NOVEMBER 4. Email reminder will be sent.

  • GIFT CERTIFICATES: We will continue to honor gift certificates until the day we close. No new certificates will be issued.

  • REWARDS PROGRAM: We will no longer be adding points to rewards cards. We will honor the points that you have on your card based on the following:

    • All purchases must be equal to or more than the point value to redeem the points or the remainder of the points will be forfeited.

    • Each point on your card can be redeemed for $0.14 (Example: 200 points = (200 x .14) = $28

    • You may only redeem up to $50 in each visit.

  • SPECIAL ORDERS: We will no longer accept any special orders. Previously placed special orders will be honored.

  • Exchanges only on returnable items. No refunds please.

Before I close the doors for good, I am having a sale on the remaining stock. Effective immediately, all regular priced items will be 25% off the retail price. More details will follow in additional emails. Product will move quickly, so come take advantage of it at the earliest.

It was my privilege to serve you over the years and regret any inconvenience I would cause due to the closure.
I truly thank you for your loyalty and continued patronage over the years. See you at the sale.


Warmest Regards,

Melissa Tuttle



Our business hours

Tuesday 10am-5pm

Wednesday 10am- 5pm

Thursday 10am - 5pm

Friday 10am - 6pm

Saturday 10am - 4pm

Sunday CLOSED except for classes




We will be closed Tuesday October 3


Thursday, October 26 - Monday, October 30




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Mail:  244 West Boylston St. Suite 6

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A lifelong dream was realized when we opened our doors on May 1, 2014 and have been getting busier by the minute. The shop is owned by Melissa Tuttle, life long resident of Central Massachusetts, and run with the help of her best friends, Michael Pillsbury and Joseph Plaisance and her daughter Emily. We have over 1000 bolts of fabric and loads of yarn as well as notions, books and patterns. We also offer classes for all ages and skill levels.

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